WebGPT: Demo

Customizable ChatGPT agent for your website

This is a simple demo that shows how to build your own ChatGPT bot on the web. Source code available here. It's hosted on Autocode, a serverless Node.js development platform specialized in shipping bots, webhooks and APIs with first-class support for streaming web responses.

Code powering the chatbot is in functions/chat.js. The API exported from that file will generate a text/event-stream response if triggered with a ?_stream query parameter in the url. When we press the [Send] button below, we start a Server-sent Event session with the endpoint. This script powering the front-end is available in www/script.js. As we receive a stream of results, we display the output in chat.

Want this bot for your Discord server instead? Check out DiscordGPT instead. You can follow us on Twitter at @autocode or join us on Discord at discord.gg/autocode.

WebGPT: Customizable ChatGPT agent